City tours

City tours

Venice of the north, colourful, cosmopolitan, cultural, multicultural capital of the Netherlands. A tailor made tour can show you many attractions in the city with one of our personal qualified guides.

We can arrange a guided walking tour, boat tour, bicycle tour, old timer trip, tuc-tuc or bus tour.   Combinations of many different tours can also be arranged to meet your abilities and interests.

Here are some themes you can choose from or combine to be able to discover and uncover Amsterdam:

  • Historical center and modern neighbourhood tour with art, architecture and history
  • Traditional art and modern art museums and galleries
  • Interiors of beautiful mansions, churches, buildings with refined art collection and modern art design centres and shops
  • Tasting rooms of traditional products, vintage or trendy café’s and restaurants
  • Antique shops, markets, trendy design and vintage shops
  • Private gardens and public gardens with their specific plants, ornaments and statues

Other Dutch City Tours

We also make other programs and have customized tours in other interesting cities, towns and preserved natural spots including:

  • Haarlem and the dunes
  • Leiden
  • Utrecht
  • Rotterdam
  • Dordrecht
  • Gouda
  • Alkmaar
  • Hoorn
  • Enkhuizen
  • Arnhem and the Veluwe area
  • IJselmeer and surroundings
  • The Wadden Islands

We would like you to feel, taste and show you authentic tolerant Amsterdam and the Netherlands in a unique way by one of our customized tours with one of our personal multilingual guides.


We will be happy to make a personalized program according to your tastes, preferences and budget.


For examples of tours in Amsterdam, click here.

Cultural tours

Annual music festival: Grachten Festival

Take a personalised cultural guided tour combining art, architecture, music, theatre and other themes.

Example of cultural tailor made day tour:

  • Start the day with a stroll in the historical center of Amsterdam and the Jordaan
  • Stop for a drink or lunch in a special local or trendy venue
  • Take a private boat or bike tour (depending on the weather)
  • Visit of a museum, gallery, garden or tasting room with local products according to guests’ preferences
  • Stop for dinner in unique and well-suited restaurants
  • Relax in the evening with theater, opera, concert or other event

Culinary tours

Culinary tours

A culinary tour can be a mixture of themes of your choice

Delicious cuisine
Delicious cuisine

Food on foot, by bike or by boat

To appreciate the culture of a place, one must experience the cuisine. Amsterdam has become a melting pot of European cuisines its shared culture.

Our guided tours take visitors beyond the regular tourist attractions to explore the neighbourhoods where the local Amsterdammers live, eat and relax.

You’ll travel through the city as a local does, on foot, by bike, by boat or public transportation.

A customised culinary tour can be incorporated with a visit to various restaurants, breweries, tasting rooms in different neighbourhoods.

The art of tasting, culture and history will be experienced in MULTI CULTI Amsterdam of today during this special tailored tour for you!


Entertainment and night life

Haarlem music town

At Tailor Made tours, a special event can be organized with entertainment during a tour, such as live music during a dinner on a boat or in a restaurant.

Evening entertainment and programmes such as concerts, operas, ballets or theatre performances can be all organized for you to meet your schedule.

Amsterdam in particular has a wide range of possibilities regarding festivals, concert venues, concert halls, theatres, music cafés, music restaurants, theatres, open air performances and more. We can organize the perfect evening of entertainment that matches you needs.

Architecture and art

Architecture and art

Experience the different architecture styles across the various neighbourhoods of Amsterdam and other cities of the Netherlands with a personalised guided walking, bike or boat tour

Examples of past tours in Amsterdam:

  • Medieval Amsterdam and surroundings districts – A mixture of old and new architecture, with a focus on mostly heritage buildings
  • Central Amsterdam – seventeenth and nineteenth century architecture in the historical center and surrounding neighbourhoods, including the Jordaan and the Western Islands.
  • De Pijp, Oud West, Dapperbuurt, Indischebuurt, Transvaalbuurt and Oost – Nineteenth century architecture in the former working-class areas of the city which have been renovated and modernized with interesting sustainable elements in existing buildings and new architecture. Today they are the trendy and popular neighbourhoods for a very mixed population.
  • The Plantage and surroundings, Old South with Vondelpark –The elegant rich neighbourhoods and former Jewish area of the city
  • Transvaal N.H, Spaarndammer N.H, North Amsterdam, The Eastern Docklands, IJburg , Station Island have great examples of twentieth century architecture.

History, art, culture can be combined with the architecture tailor made tours by your personal guide.

Art tour

Experience a guided art and/or design tour with an expert

  • Art in the famous big museums like The National Museum also known as “Rijksmuseum” with the Master pieces of the seventeenth century but you also find important works from earlier and later periods as well. A stroll through the historical seventeenth century center can be an interesting combination to learn the social, political and historical context of the age of the painting
  • The Van Gogh Museum has a big collection from this nineteenth century painter and new exhibitions during the year
  • Take a guided visit in one of the many rich merchant houses that have been converted into small museums with beautiful interiors & gardens and sculptures.   Sometimes these houses become the site of live concerts
  • Galleries and artistic venues with regular exhibitions and concerts
  • Street Art and sculptures in the open air
  • Everything can be combined with a specific neighbourhood and themes of your choice by a guided walk or bike tour

We will be happy to advise you.