Culinary tours

A culinary tour can be a mixture of themes of your choice

Delicious cuisine
Delicious cuisine

Food on foot, by bike or by boat

To appreciate the culture of a place, one must experience the cuisine. Amsterdam has become a melting pot of European cuisines its shared culture.

Our guided tours take visitors beyond the regular tourist attractions to explore the neighbourhoods where the local Amsterdammers live, eat and relax.

You’ll travel through the city as a local does, on foot, by bike, by boat or public transportation.

A customised culinary tour can be incorporated with a visit to various restaurants, breweries, tasting rooms in different neighbourhoods.

The art of tasting, culture and history will be experienced in MULTI CULTI Amsterdam of today during this special tailored tour for you!


General rates for 2024:

2 hours:€150,- (min. 2 hrs)
3-4 hrs: € 210,-
5 hours:€ 285,-
6-8 hrs:€ 360,-
Extra hr:€ 75,-

All prices are exclusive of entrance fees, transportation and 21 % Vat.

Maximum group size: 15 persons (not more is allowed by the city of Amsterdam).

For more info, questions and details about the rates, please contact me by mail or phone.

All prices are exclusive of entrance fees, transportation and 21 % Vat

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Other languages?

If you prefer to have a tour in your own language just let us know. We offer tours in various languages.